Programmable Digital Timer with Surge Protector

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TimeTRAP is a programmable timer that can be used to turn ON/OFF electrical appliances at a given time of the day. The turn ON and OFF can be done multiple times a day depening on the model. Surge protection is also built-in to it for added protection of the connected appliances. 

Connect the supplied power cord to the wall socket. Connect the appliances that need to be turned ON/OFF to TimeTRAP’s plug base. Bravo TimeTRAP 5A is designed to handle a maximum load of 5A(1200W). Therefore DO NOT connect appliances that require higher currents.  We have a high power TimeTRAP model for custom orders.

Fuse Replacement

Check  the fuse and replace with a 5A glasss type cylindrical fuse if necessary. These fuses are available in major electrical stores.

  • Fans (Exhaust and conventional)
  • Fish Tank Pumps
  • Name Board light systems
  • ‘Pirith’ audio playback systems
  • Turn OFF the fridge at night for energy saving.
  • Turn ON security lights at defined times.
  • Power Handling 1200W (5A), 230V 50Hz.
  • Level-1 Surge Protection
  • LCD status indication. Designed to comply with EU and CE standards.
  • Easy Time Adjustments
  • One Year Product Warranty and after sales support.
  • High Quality Sri Lankan Engineered Product.

Testimonials and Comments

We have been using Bravo TimeTRAP 5A for pirith playback at defined times and to switch on ‘Stupa’ light systems on time.

Chief Prelate - Sellakataragama Temple

Bravo TimeTRAP 5A is used in a leading Tile Showroom network for their name boards.

Bravo Sales Team