Solar Regulator for PowerTANKs

Compatible with All PowerTANK Models

Price Rs 2,300

All inclusive
Factory Direct Sales only

Solar Regulator for PowerTANK Li-Ion Battery Backup Solutions

Bravo Solutions, with over a decade of experience  in Electronic product manufacturing in Sri Lanka, partnered with Comnet Labs Sweden, now enters into the Power Storage space with the introduction of “PowerTANK” product line.  This innovative device directly addresses the immediate issue of Broadband and Fiber disconnection due to sudden power cuts. When the grid power is unavailable for longer periods of time, Solar Power (panels) can be used for charging the PowerTANK devices and continue the un-interrupted broadband connectivity. Bravo Solar Regulator takes in power from the solar panels and condition the power to charge the PowerTANK in the safest possible way. 

This product is designed around state of the art Power control circuitry preventing over charging of the PowerTANKs. 


Installation is very straightforward. But please read the below instructions and below FAQ section.

1. Make sure your Solar Panels are 18V. Never use 36V solar panels that are used for Home Solar Grid-Tie systems.  We recommend a 10W panel for the PowerTANK Std model and 20W panel for PowerTANK Mega and Max models. Extra high power panels have no additional advantage since the Bravo Solar Regulator is designed to provide slow charging of the PowerTANK.

2. Connect your Solar Panel’s Positive lead to the postive terminal of the Bravo Solar Regulator marked in RED colour.  

3. Similarly connect your Solar Panel’s Negative lead to the negative terminal of Bravo Solar Regulator marked in Black colour.  Then the Indicator LED should light up. If not, check the correct polarity of the wiring once again. 

4. Connect the DC supply cord to the ‘Charge’ port of the PowerTANK. Enjoy uninterrupted Broadband/Telephone sevice even when the power is down for longer hours. 

5. Keep this connected to the solar panels at all times. When the sun comes back in the morning, Bravo Solar Regulator starts to charge the PowerTANK once again.  But if your PowerTANK is completely used in the night time, you may need to use the wall adapter to fill up the PowerTANK. 

6. Contact us for more advanced customized solutions to power up your Router Round-the-clock using solar power.  


  • Ideal for continuing to browse during longer power cuts 
  • High Quality Electronics controls all the important aspects of the product
  • Get Rid of the annoying UPS Beep sounds during Power Failures
  • Solar Power is Green and you can save power. 
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit and Over Discharge Protection
  • Powers directly from solar panels 20W recommended. 40W Max
  • Seperate LED status indicator
  • Elegant Finish with White ABS enclosure
  • Consumes very low Power for internal operation
  • Product is Made in Sri Lanka with a 6 month warranty 
  • Product Size 60mm (W) x 100mm (H) x 50mm (D)
  • Weight Approx. 200g
  • Wall hanging option available. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is this device ?

A.  This is a Solar Regulator for using Low Power Solar Panels to charge your Bravo PowerTANK devices. 

Q. Can this be used only for PowerTANK Backup systems?

A. Yes only for PowerTANK models (Std, Max and Mega)

Q. Are the PowerTANK Li-Ion batteries safe to operate ?

A. Yes they are. All required safety circuitry is installed inside the PowerTANK  for protection against Short circuit, Over charging and over diacharge

Q. Why don’t you have a Switch installed ?

A. This product is designed to be connected to the solar panels 24x7. Therefore a switch is not needed.