PowerTANK Mega

Power Bank for 4G Routers and Fiber Routers(FTTH) + Emergency Light + Phone Charging Port + Battery Level Indicator

with Double Capacity

Manufactured the right way, not the cheapest way!

Price Rs 8,500

All inclusive
Factory Direct Sales only

Buy PowerTANK Max with a 12V 3A Wall Adpter (Square Pin). Rs 8,500/=.  Please read the below FAQ before purchasing in order to understand the behavior of Li-Ion batteries.

Extended Capacity Power Bank for 4G Routers and Fiber Routers(FTTH)

with Phone Charging Adapter Port, Emergency Light and Battery Level Indicator

Bravo Solutions, with over a decade of experience  in Electronic product manufacturing in Sri Lanka, partnered with Comnet Labs Sweden, now enters into the Power Storage space with the introduction of “PowerTANK Mega”.  This innovative device directly addresses the immediate issue of Broadband and Fiber disconnection due to sudden power cuts. “PowerTANK Mega” is parallel charged by the 4G/Fiber Router Power adapter(supplied) when the grid power is available and releases power when the Grid Power goes down, thus maintaining the broadband connectivity for many hours of continuous useage.

This product is designed around state of the art Power control circuitry preventing over charging and most importantly over discharging at 2 different levels. The built-in high capacity Li-Ion batteries will get a Trouble-Free long life operation.  They are “leak” FREE unlike Lead-Acid batteries.

Unlike the other PowerTANK products, “PowerTANK Mega” ventures into the product space where the user gets a All-in-One solution during power cuts and lightening situations. The Emergency Light can provide the personalized illumination and the Phone charging port will support your own charger and keep your Phone/Tablet alive. Our unique battery level indication bar-graph display gives the health of the battery right away. All these features ensures your un-interrupted online experience.  


Installation is very straightforward. But please read the below instructions and below FAQ section.

1. Make sure your Router’s Power requirement is 12V DC . Connect the supplied 12V adapter to the wall socket.

2. Connect your Power Adapter’s DC connector to the DC jack of the “PowerTANK”

3. Connect the DC connector of “PowerTANK” to your Fiber/4G Router. Turn ON the router.

4. Enjoy uninterrupted Broadband/Telephone sevice. 

5. Keep this device connected to the wall socket at all times (except when lightening occurs) . This ensures full charge of the batteries at all times. 

6. Optionally you can switch ON the Emergency light and Battery Level Indicator when needed.

7. Connect the suitable Phone charging adapter and use it for charging your Phone / TAB. Dual USB port chargers also can be connected for charging two phones simultaneously.


  • 6 pcs of High Capacity 18650, Li-Ion cells are used. (Each cell is Approximately 3000mAh according to battery manufacturer prints). Please refer to below FAQ section for backup times for each Router model
  • Ideal for continuing to browse during Lightning (Disconnect the Power from “Mains” and let the PowerTANK take over)
  • Emergency light gives nearly 8 hours of continuous operation. Contains 2 x 2W LED distributed light sources. 
  • Phone charging port supports your favorite charger that is suitable for your Phone / Tab model (not supplied)
  • Battery Level indicator gives the overall battery health status helping you to manage the battery resource wisely during a long power cut. 
  • High Quality BMS controls all the important aspects of the product
  • Get Rid of the annoying UPS Beep sounds during Power Failures
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit and Over Discharge Protection
  • Powers directly from the 4G router’s power adapter and FTTH Router’s power adapter (12V 2A Adapter supplied)
  • Elegant Finish with White ABS enclosure
  • Consumes very low Power for internal operation
  • Product is Made in Sri Lanka with a 6 month warranty (Physical Damages not covered) 
  • Product Size 15cm (W) x 9cm (H) x 6cm (D)
  • Product Weight Approx. 600g

Pictures with Charging Module connected

Below pictures show the Emergency Light ON and the Phone charging module connected. Phone charging module is not supplied and you can use your own modules for different USB charging requirements. 

PowerTANK Mega

Connection Diagram

Below connection diagram applies to all our PowerTANK models .  The Below picture is from PowerTANK Version 1. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is this device ?

A.  This is a Power Storage device that can be used for Backup Power for your 4G/Fiber Router . PowerTANK Mega also has other features like battery level indication, Emergency Light and Phone charging adapter option

Q. Can this be used only for Routers ?

A. This can theoritycally be used for other appliances like CCTV cameras, Security Alarms, Fingerprint Scanners, Home Automation Systems etc… Most of the Lower Power Devices that need a 12V DC power source can be powerd by PowerTANK. But the Current requirement should be ideally less than 1A constant current and 2A surge current. This is the safe operating condition for longer battery life. This can also be used as a stand-alone Emergency light and a Phone Charging unit. Ideal for outdoor activities like Camping and Excursions. But you need to handle the device with extra care.

Q. What are the backup times for 4G and Fiber Router Models ?

It is very important to understand that the backup times vary significantly from different router models depending on their current consumptions. Backup time also varies from useage patterns and how many devices that are connected to your Router etc.. You need to get your expectations correct before making the purchasing decision.  

4G Routers – Normally 4G routers take currents from 250mA to 450mA(newer models). The backup times vary from 5 ~ 9 hours. 

Fiber Routers – Normally Fiber Routers take currents from 400mA to 1.8A for newer models .  Therefore the backup times vary significantly from 2 ~ 6 hours.

Above timings are based on the assumptions that you use the PowerTANK Mega for Powering the Router only.

Q. How to charge my Tab / Phone ?

The PowerTANK Mega comes with a car phone charger adapter port commonly known as “Cigarette Lighter Port”. You can plug your car charger Module that came with your Phone or TAB. We have not included this with PowerTANK Mega since different Phones / TABs use different currents for optimal charging. Therefore the best technical solution would be to use your own USB charging module.  

Q. How to use the Emergency light ?

The Emergency light is sufficient for one person to do reading and writing when properly placed. As a safety design, you cannot charge the PowerTANK Mega while the Emergency Light is ON. Flip the Switch to the leftmost position (not the middle position) for enabling the charging. While charging you can see the battery level indication filling up. When all the 4 bars are lit, it is fully charged. But you do not need to disconnect the charger since the internal circuitry will prevent the battery from over-charging. 

Q. Are the Li-Ion batteries safe to operate ?

A. Yes they are. All required safety circuitry is installed inside for protection against Short circuit, Over charging and over diacharge

Q. Does the warranty cover against Li-Ion battery degrading (depleting) over time ?

A. Like all battery technologies, Li-Ion batteries also degrade over time.  The level of degradation depend on many paramaters like useage patterns, storage temperature etc..  Our product warranty does not cover against battery degradation of any  nature. Please consider this fact before making your purchasing decision. 

Q. Why do you have a Fuse installed ?

A. The fuse gives another level of protection against any possible short circuit. It’s a 7A fuse factory installed. But you can install a Lower value like 2A if you need further protection. 

Q. Can I keep the PowerTANK in any position ?

A. Yes. SInce the batteries are Li-Ion, there is no “leaking” inside like Lead-Acid batteries. You can place the PowerTANK in any convenient orientation

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