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Power Saver for High Power AC with built-in Digital Power Guard and Fan Output

The most Innovative Way of Power Saving with ACs

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Bravo Solutions is proud to introduce the Patented Energy Saving product portfolio based from KillerWATT technology. The “Programmable Energy Saver” for high Power ACs upto 36,000 BTUs with built-in Digital Power Guard and Optional Fan Output is named as KillerWATT QRO. This innovative new product opens a new horizon in energy saving in Air conditioners. Everything you need to save power from the AC is built into one single and compact unit. The user can easily program the amount of saving into this device and control the electricity bill.

KillerWATT QRO operates from 230V 50Hz AC (180V – 250V supported). It can handle a maximum load of 4500W 

The Digital Power Guard is a breakthrough innovation of our engineers. The supply voltage is indicated in real time and the shut down happens at a split second using the digital 10-bit microprocessor technology. LED display indicate the status of the device.

The built in Level-1 Surge protector circuitry protects your appliances from unwanted power line surge voltages. This feature is typically important for residents of industrial areas.

The built in Power Sensor circuitry monitors the power consumption of the connected device continuously and determines the Optimal Power Point for doing the Switching. Simple timers does not have this feature and can damage the connected appliance during switching.

The unique feature of KillerWATT QRO is the seperate output for a Fan. When the AC is switched OFF, the Fan is activated and effectively maintains the air circulation inside the room allowing the AC to be kept OFF for extended periods of time. 

KillerWATT is NOT another Power Factor Correction technology, which is not appliacable with Sri Lanka’s Domestic Energy meters.

Connection and Operation

Connect the supplied power cord to the wall socket. Connect the Air conditioner to KillerWATT’s 13A plug bases. Bravo KillerWATT QRO is designed to handle a maximum load of 4500W. Therefore DO NOT connect appliances (ACs) that require higher currents.

KillerWATT QRO model is optimized for Air-Conditioners. Therefore the user should have a better understanding of the product in order to use it for other appliances.

The user has to decide and program the best Energy Saving timing pattern. The methodology of selection is described in detail in the user manual.

Energy Saving is accomplished by keeping the AC repeatedly turned OFF for specific periods of time in a controlled manner. Timing periods are user programmable according to his/her requirement.

Appliances for Energy Saving 

  • Air Conditioner
  • industrial Deep Freezer
  • Oxygen Pump of Shrimp Farm
  • Tube Well Pump

KillerWATT QRO has many application areas since the timers are user-programmable. As a Programmable energy saver, it can be used mainly for Air conditoner . It can also be used for Exhaust Fans, Table Fans, Water irrigation systems, Fish Tank Oxygen pumps and Tube Well pumps.

As a standalone High Power Digital Power Guard, it can be used for many Electronic and Electrical Appliances including LED/LCD/Plasma TVs, Microwave ovens, Water Pumps, Washing Machines, HiFi Stereo Setups etc…

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  • Installation is simple. Detailed operating instructions in Sinhala and English. Timing and all adjustments using 2 buttons.
  • Our Own Patented Technology.
  • Designed by qualified Sri Lankan Engineers. One year Warranty and superior after sales support by a Sri Lankan company .
  • Many satisfied customers island wide
  • Energy Saving by turning the AC ON and OFF at pre-defined intervals. No rocket science. Saving is straightforward.
  • Seperate output for connecting a FAN which increases energy saving  by another 10 – 30 %
  • Digital Power Guard – Protects your valuable appliances disconnecting them at over voltage and under voltage. Digital Voltage indication.
  • Built in Start-up Delay circuit gives protection for your Airconditioner against power flicker.
  • Built in Power Sensor with OPPT (Optimal Power Point tracking) Technology.
  • Power Switching is triggered through a Power Sensor circuit, giving more protection to your compressor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Power of AC (BTU) can be connected to this product ?

Normally this product can handle ACs upto 36000 BTU. For Lower power ACs ranging from 900 – 18,000 BTU, we recommend KillerWATT Pro 15A product

2. Is the turning ON / OFF the AC not harmful for the compressor

The built-in thermostat of the AC is also turning the compresser ON and OFF according to the set temperature which has no harmful effect by the design of it. We do time switching and this makes the number of ON/OFF transitions lesser than the native method. Therefore it has no harful effect on the compresser. 

3. What Plug types are available with this product ?

Our new products are manufactured with the 13A power socket as per government recommendations. But we do have a limited stock of 15A round type for your special requirements. 

4. What are the recommended timing patters for my AC ?

There is no recommended pattern. It is decided by your requirement. The user manual contains more guidance on this subject. 

5.  What is the power handling capacity of the built-in power guard.

It can handle upto 4500W.

6. What is the purpose of the extra FAn output ?

The Fan output is for connecting a wall mount or a standing fan. When the AC is switched OFF, the Fan starts and continues the air circulation. Therefor the AC can now be kept OFF for much longer periods. This enhances the energy saving by another 10 – 30%.