KillerWATT Pro 13A Applications

KillerWATT Pro 13A has many application areas since the times are user-programmable. As a Programmable energy saver, it can be used for Fridges Freezers and Airconditioners mainly. It can also be used for Exhaust Fans, Table Fans, Water irrigation systems, Fish Tank Oxygen pumps and Tube Well pumps.

As a standalone Digital Power Guard, it can be used for many Electronic and Electrical Appliances including LED/LCD/Plasma TVs, Microwave ovens, Water Pumps, Washing Machines, HiFi Stereo Setups etc…


How to use the KillerWATT Pro 13A for Refrigerator and Deep Freezer

First you need to set the operating mode to “P1”.

Normally the built-in thermostat can save energy up-to a certain level. But the KillerWATT can save much more energy from freezers. The KillerWATT is achieving this by turning the fridge ON and OFF in a methodical pattern. For example, the freezer can be programmed to be ON for 40 minutes and then turned OFF for 30 minutes. This prevents unnecessary frosting and hence the defrosting cycle won’t operate too frequently saving lot of energy (money). For most food items including Meat, Fish and Sausages, we don’t have to run the refrigerator at full power level. Therefore with a little compromise in unnecessary cooling, we can save a lot of energy. It is possible to start a fridge with 40 minutes ON and 20 minutes OFF cycle initially. A Deep Freezer can be started with 40 minutes ON and 40 minutes OFF cycles. If you want to save more, you can increase the OFF time in 5 minute intervals and observe for 2 days. If the internal cooling is OK, then you can increase the OFF time by another 5 minutes and so on. When you find the optimal point for your refrigerator, it is possible to reduce your electricity consumption of a fridge by 20 – 40 units easily.

When you use KillerWATT, you may want to position the internal temperature control at Mid or High position and do all the controlling through KillerWatt.

No need of turning OFF the refrigerator during the night time and spoil your food anymore. We designed the KillerWATT to save energy day and night.

How to use the KillerWATT Pro 13A for Air Conditioner

We recommend KillerWATT Pro 13A for all types of Air conditioners. First you need to select the operating mode to “P1”.

The Air Conditioners are equipped with a basic timer unit. It can be set to become OFF after a pre defined time period. But once it is OFF, there is no mechanism to turn it back ON unless you do it manually. The KillerWATT Pro 13A comes in very handy for overcoming this situation.

We have identified that it is possible to save lot of energy if we can turn OFF the AC at pre defined intervals. Especially at night time when the AC is ON for about 1 hour, the rooms get cool enough to get you to sleep. Then the AC can be turned OFF for some period say (2 hours) before it can be turned ON for another hour or so. This can be repeated throughout the night saving lot of energy. The best timing can be found through experimenting and can be adjusted easily through “P1” mode’s time adjustment procedure as described above.

Some may prefer 1hour ON and 2 hours OFF while others may prefer 15 minutes ON and 40 minutes OFF. The choice is yours and it is possible to achieve unbelievable savings when you get familiarize with the device.


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