Everlight 6h

Energy Saving Portable Emergency Light with Battery Level Indicator

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  • Super Bright Light that will give constant bright light for 6hours after a full charge. This light is enough for comfortable reading during a power cut.
  • Manual switch OFF is available when light is not needed
  • The battery Charge level is indicated using a Blue LED indicator (just like battery level indicator of a mobile phone)
  • Supplied 12V 2A Square type 3 pin wall adapter for charging.  The Everlight can be taken anywhere for portable lighting.
  • Li-Ion technology is used in the batteries inside. These batteries last longer than Lead-Acid or Nicd batteries used in cheaper emergency lamps. The Li-Ion batteries are protected by a sophisticated BMS circuitry so that you don’t have to worry about over charging or over-discharging of batteries,
  • The light is a spotless beam and spreads across 130 degrees.
  • Full battery protection is built in so that you can keep the light connected to mains supply without worries. But it is recommened to unplug the wall adapter and Everlight-6H during very heavy lightning in order to safeguard against heavy lightning strikes.
  • This is a true “Sri Lankan Made” product backed by a one year warranty by Bravo Solutions. After warranty repairs and battery replacements are possible at affordable cost.


  • Working from Home, Online Studies…
  • Hospitals, Medical Centres, Labs
  • Homes, Kitchen, Bathrooms.
  • Warehouse, Reception areas, Security Checkpoints, corridoors.
  • Super Markets, Pharmacies, Food/Veg Stalls.
  • As an emergency light in your vehicle and a Outdoor Activity gear (Camping, Fishing, Outdoor BBQ etc..)