Everlight 2h

Energy Saving Portable Emergency Light with Battery Level Indicator

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  • Super Bright Light that will give constant bright light for 2 1/2 hours after a full charge. This light is enough for comfortable reading during a power cut.
  • Energy Saving Mode gives light for nearly 24 hours after a full charge. Light level is reduced to about 15%. Enough light as a night lamp.
  • Automatic Light ON during a power cut (Manual switch OFF is available when light is not needed)
  • The battery Charge level is indicated using a Blue LED indicator (just like battery level indicator of a mobile phone)
  • Power cord is removeable. The Everlight can be taken anywhere for portable lighting.
  • Li-Ion technology is used in the batteries inside. These batteries last longer than Lead-Acid or Nicd batteries used in cheaper emergency lamps. The Li-Ion batteries are protected by a sophisticated BMS circuitry so that you don’t have to worry about over charging or over-discharging of batteries,
  • The light is a spotless beam and spreads across 130 degrees.
  • Surge protection is built in so that you can keep the light connected to mains supply without worries. But it is recommened to unplug the light during very heavy lightning in order to safeguard against heavy lightning strikes.
  • This is a true “Sri Lankan Made” product backed by a one year warranty by Bravo Solutions. After warranty repairs are possible at affordable cost.


  • Hospitals, Medical Centres, Labs
  • Homes, Kitchen, Bathrooms.
  • Warehouse, Reception areas, Security Checkpoints, corridoors.
  • Super Markets, Pharmacies, Food/Veg Stalls.
  • As an emergency light in your vehicle.