High Power Digital Power/Enery/Voltage/Current Meter

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Designed and Manufactured in Sri Lanka by Bravo Solutions for High Power Measurements, Bravo EnergyVIEW QRO is capable of simultaneously measuring Power Line Voltage, Consumed Current, Power and Energy with innovative cutting edge technology. This totally unique measuring device is designed with built-in Over Voltage, Overload and Level-1 Surge protection at the AC mains. The Large LCD display with Blue Backlight displays all parameters simultaneously so that the user can get a better idea about the power consumption of the connected appliance. EnergyVIEW QRO can also be used to measure power leaks and Standby Power consumption of Electrical appliance. This is an essential item for home in order to measure energy consumption of each appliance thus being able to make Energy Saving decisions wisely.

Connection Method

This device should be installed in a dry location for longer life and trouble free operation. The supplied power cord should be firmly inserted into the socket.

Connect the appliance that needs to be measured to EnergyVIEWPro Energy Meter. Connect EnergyVIEWPro to wall power outlet using the supplied power cord. Take the readings on real-time or keep it connected for longer periods for accumulated readings. During Power failures, the EnergyVIEWPro LCD display will go blank, but the energy meter readings will be saved to the memory. When the power comes back, the accumulated readings will continue.

Appliances that can be tested

  • High Power Appliances (AC, Dish Washer, Full Auto Washing machine)
  • Electrical Vehicle Level 3 charging (Eg. Nissan Leaf charging power measurements)
  • LED/ LCD/ Plasma Televisions
  • Conventional CRT Televisions
  • HiFi Setups, Surround Sound Systems
  • Laptop, Desktop, Tablet computers
  • Domestic iron
  • Microwave oven, Rice cooker
  • Fridge, freezer
  • Air Conditioner (12,000 BTU and less)
  • Satellite TV systems
  • CCTV camera systems
  • Networking Devices( Routers, Switches, Servers)
  • Home Security systems
  • Wireless intercoms
  • Blenders
  • Fans

** Even though this product can be used for Low/Mid Power Appliances, we recommend our Mid-Power level Product EnergyView Pro for non-High Power appliactions**


  • Power Handling 5000W (22A), 230V 50Hz.
  • Fuse Protection (Supplied with 20A fuse but can be replaced with technical knowledge)
  • One Year Product Warranty and after sales support.
  • High Quality Sri Lankan Engineered Product.
  • Energy Meter Reset Function
  • User Programmable Power Alarm
  • Memory Retention on Power Failures (No batteries required) 
  • Operating Frequency 45 – 65Hz
  • Large multifunction LCD with backlight
  • No batteries required