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Bravo Solutions is proud to introduce the Wireless Queue Management Solution. The product is named “DoctorQ”. This innovative new product is mainly targeted at Medical Practitioners who need a simple and reliable solution to manage the patients with a token based Queue. The Wireless remote controller is RF based and it allows NON Line-of-Sight operation which is not possible with conventional IR based remote controllers. 

The Head unit can be wall mounted at a convenient location easily visible to the patients. Audible alarms will indicate each and every number change. The Display is clearly visible upto 30ft, thanks to Super Bright RED LEDs we use from reputed manufacturers where Luminance of the LEDs are guaranteed over a 10year period . 

Not only for medical doctors, this product has many appliactions in different Queue Management requirements. 

Connection and Operation

The “Head” unit AKA the main display unit can be installed at a convenient location that is visible to the patients. Mainly this unit is installed in the patient’s sitting area. 

The RF remote is operated by the doctor conveniently at each patient departure. The audible alarms will indicate the waiting patients of a number change . The remote is capable of commanding the Display unit 200m away in line of slght without any obstructions. In reality, the RF signals can penetrate 2 brick walls and reach the Head Display unit. 

The unit is manufactured with sufficient lightening protection. But for additional safety, it is recommended to disconnect the Head unit from the mains power supply after using.

The operation of this unit is self-explanatory.


  • Fully RF (UHF) remote controlled Queue Management
  • 100m safe and reliable operating distance
  • No requirement for Line-Of-Sight to the diaplay unit
  • Wall mountable Display (Head) unit
  • Manages Queues upto 9999 entrees.
  • Rapid Number change functions
  • Display Blanking functions.
  • Operates from AC and DC (Adapter supplied)
  • Power consumption <5W
  • Long Life remote unit. (widely available 27A battery included)
  • Display Visibility upto 30ft
  • Manual Operation using 2 Buttons in the Head unit if required.
  • Built-in sufficient lightening protection / overvoltage protection.