Digital Power Guard

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Installation and Operation

Install the DigiGUARD in a dry and dust-free location inaccessible to Children. Never place the product on ground. Wall mounting is highly recommended. During Power startup, select the proper operating mode using UP/DOWN keys for your desired appliance.

Refer to the user manual for more details.

Appliances that can be Protected 

  • Fridge, Deep Freezer, Bottle Cooler
  • LED/ LCD/ Plasma Televisions
  • Conventional CRT Televisions
  • HiFi Setups, Surround Sound Systems
  • Laptop, Desktop, Tablet computer
  • Microwave oven, Rice cooker
  • Air Conditioner (12,000 BTU and less)
  • Satellite TV systems
  • CCTV camera systems
  • Networking Devices( Routers, Switches, Servers)
  • Home Security systems
  • Blenders
  • Fans


  • High Voltage and Level-1 Surge Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • 8-bit microcontroller controlled
  • Startup Delay bypass
  • Auto Resetting Startup Delay
  • Voltage Re-entry Hysteresis
  • Audible Alarms
  • Voltage Indication
  • 3000W Power handling & Overload Protection
  • Level-1 Surge Protection