High Power Digital Power Guard

Price Rs 6,500

All inclusive
Direct Purchase Only

Installation and Operation

DigiGUARD QRO is designed to handle High Powered Appliances like Air conditioners, High Power water pumps, High Power Sound systems etc.. It can withstand a running power of 4000W and a startup power of 5500W. This product comes in two variations with 15A round plug/base and 13A suqare plug/base.

Install the DigiGUARD QRO in a dry and dust-free location inaccessible to Children. Never place the product on ground. Wall mounting is highly recommended. During Power startup, select the proper operating mode using UP/DOWN keys for your desired appliance.

Refer to the user manual for more details.

Appliances that can be Protected 

  • Fridge, Deep Freezer, Bottle Cooler
  • HiFi Setups, Surround Sound System
  • Microwave oven, Rice cooker
  • Air Conditioner (36,000 BTU and less)
  • High Power Networking Devices( Routers, Switches, Servers)
  • Industrial Blenders
  • Industrial Fans


  • High Voltage and Level-1 Surge Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • 8-bit microcontroller controlled
  • Startup Delay bypass
  • Auto Resetting Startup Delay
  • Voltage Re-entry Hysteresis
  • Audible Alarms
  • Voltage Indication
  • 4000W High Power handling 
  • Level-1 Surge Protection