Warranty Support

Bravo Solutions products comes with a 1 year factory warranty. Warranty covers only manufacturer defects. Damages or defects due to other causes such as negligence, misuse, improper operation, lightening or other natural disaster, sabotage or accident, etc. are not covered under this warranty. Repairs or replacements necessitated by such causes not covered under the warranty are subject to charges of man hours, material and transportation. The transportation charges for sending the unit for repairs should be borne by the sender. You have to mail us the  warranty card’s information slip soon after the purchase in order to be eligible for warranty claims.

Basic Troubleshooting before sending your device back for repairs

1.The Display is not lighting up – Check the Fuse installed in the back side of the Product. Cleanpower products have two fuses one for the “Nutral” line and the other for the “Live” line. If it is burnt, replace it with a same value fuse. Refer to your instruction manual for the correct value of the Fuse. Typically we use 7A Fuse for KillerWATT Std 5A and CleanPower 5A. For KillerWATT Pro 13A, KillerWATT Pro 15A and DigiGuard 13A models we use a 15A fuse.

Step 1: Remove the power cord

Step 2: Using a flat screwdriver, pull the fuse holder out. (Please refer to the below Video for fuse removal instructions.)

Step 3: Inspect the fuse visually and verify that the internal wire of the fuse is not burnt.

Step 4: If the fuse is burnt, replace the fuse with a correct value fuse that is available in most of the electrical shops

How to get it Repaired.

In case your item is not functioning as it should be, then the first thing to do is to call our Energy Saving Green Lines 077 088 4303 or 071 780 4303 during working hours. Our technical staff is there to help. Even if your item is under warranty or expired warranty, we are happy to help you. Please make sure you have the warranty card and the unit serial number ready when you call us.

Depending on your location, we will arrange the most convenient way to get your item repaired. You can use Parcel Post or a courier service to send the item to our factory for repairs.

If the warranty is expired, you should follow the same process but you will have to pay the repair charges plus any shipping charges.

We Accept Payments from the below payment options. In addition to that you candeposit money to our Commercial Bank account (details upon request). We also can arrange SL post’s VPP serice so that you can pay on delivery of your item. 

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Discontinuation of the product

We always develop our product with new features. Therefore, we may decide to replace the existing designs with new products. In that event, we are keeping spares and support the existing customers for at-least 2 years. If your product is discontinued, you will be asked to purchase the latest model of the product line.